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Over GreenDreamCompany

GreenDreamCompany works as an incubator on the development of leisure industry in upcoming African countries. We do this by the development of  a leisure and hospitality brand: Solomon’s Hidden Treasures. The brand of family villages and Cultural Experience Parks (theme-parks)  will be introduced in Rwanda and Ethiopia, but aims for 14 East African countries.

GreenDreamCompany offers an enthusiastic and independent student the possibility for a placement within the international leisure industry.

Over GreenDreamCompany

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Midden- en kleinbedrijf
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Our way of working is based on the Ubuntu philosophy, summarized as ‘I exist because of we’. We have a tribal organizational structure, in which values of respect, fairness and equality are of high importance. With storytelling as tool to connect people and staff and create connection by being part of the story.  We strongly strive to create an environment where people feel free to speak out, make suggestions and raise concerns. As an inclusive tourism company we have a strong commitment to treat our employees, customers, contractors and those who come into contact with us as our family.

The Ubuntu philosophy does not work with the well-known ‘vision, mission, goals’. Instead, it applies ‘source, pillars, carriers and beacon’. For us, this translates into:

Source: In Ubuntu the source refers to a vital energy and life force that is present throughout the universe. Opening up to this energy brings understanding of why we are here and where we are going. It reflects our personal motivation to make a difference, to bring smiles to people’s faces, create value and life changing experiences for the people we work with and those that visit our destinations.

Pillars: In Ubuntu individualism is replaced by dignity, teaching us what it means to be a human being and which behaviour is appropriate. These values are reflected in five pillars: Respect, Reliability, Recognition, Responsibility, and Reconciliation. This means that we generously respect every person we meet. That we can be relied on to be authentic, human and contribute to the community. That we cherish and learn from the diversity in our network. That we behave responsibly and take a meaningful position within our community. That we actively seek peace and common decisions through dialogue.

Carriers: The carriers reflect the way we perceive the continuity of our existence. It is about spiritual connectedness, with ancestors, the living and the unborn. It is also about the way we perceive time and our knowledge of the underlying systems of our community.

Beacon: In Ubuntu the beacon is a person’s final destination, which can only be achieved by being connected with is or her core being. For GreenDreamCompany our beacon is a lighthouse, symbolizing a source of light that connects people and cultures, and brings liveliness and joy for all. The lighthouse is part of the Solomon’s Hidden Treasures brand and a returning symbol that keeps us and our partners inspired.

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