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Advance Consulting B.V.

Over Advance Consulting B.V.

Advancing your International Business

Advance Consulting is a business consulting firm with a focus on private sector investment in developing countries. We help you identify commercial opportunities, advise on strategic cooperation, develop bankable business plans, write project proposals and investment propositions, acquire financing, and provide technical assistance and project management.

We optimize your business case to qualify for grants, loans or equity investment. We work in partnership with you based on performance – often no-cure, no-fee – with full commitment to deliver you results.

In addition to economic and financial viability, we also check that our clients’ investments are sustainable and contribute to environmental and socially responsible development in the countries in which they operate. The investment projects that we help to design and implement will have to generate economic value for our clients and their business partners and at the same will also contribute to social progress and environmental sustainability. In investment projects where these aspects are not yet fully integrated, we will work with our clients to modify their business strategy so that IMVO principles are addressed.




Over Advance Consulting B.V.

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Midden- en kleinbedrijf
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11 t/m 100

MVO activiteiten

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Wij helpen graag onze klanten bij het verduurzamen van hun internationale investeringen en dragen op die manier bij aan de verdere ontwikkeling van internationaal maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen (IMVO).

Sinds 2013 zijn wij een CO2 neutrale organisatie. Onze uitstoot wordt gecompenseerd met Gold Standard credits, gefaciliteerd door de Climate Neutral Group. Daarnaast streven wij er naar onze CO2 uitstoot zoveel mogelijk te beperken.

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Dit bedrijf heeft MVO MAPS nog niet ingevuld.