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SustainableMotion brings academic students with a focus on sustainability together with sectors in the professional business world, NGOs and governmental organizations. To bring them together SustainableMotion offers a unique Sustainability Orientation Track. This track is a guidance for students in becoming a researcher or a professional in the field of sustainability. Sustainability Orientation Track >>

What we do for students

Students from all scientific disciplines that are focusing on sustainability can explore what their professional opportunities are in the business world, at NGO’s or governmental organizations. Read more >>

What we do for organizations

From organizations with established sustainability programs to those beginning to see the necessity and benefits of sustainability, we offer a large network of students from more than 20 academic master programs with a specific focus on sustainability application fields. Read more >>


We rely on a network consisting of all academic master programs that have a specific focus on sustainability at Dutch universities. University guide >>

Our network of organizations that see the necessity of sustainability is rapidly growing. All companies in our network are committed to sustainability and integrate it in their business outlook. Company profiles >>

Why we act now

The number of companies integrating sustainability in their business activities and long-term objectives are increasing. Similarly, the number of transdisciplinary studies dedicated to sustainability in Dutch universities is on the rise.

The connections between these two sectors are crucial for the feasibility of sustainable development. SustainableMotion aims to be the core connector. Vision >>

Over SustainableMotion

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