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Why ProPortion exists: ProPortion seeks a world with a fair global distribution of wealth & wellness. The corporate sector is a great driver in achieving this, through including the poor in their business; as consumers, producers, micro-entrepreneurs. Successful social enterprises have a deep understanding of the needs and desires of communities which they want to serve. Community-centric innovation is therefore an essential part in social business development. Besides that, designing products for endless recovering (C2C) makes business sense to deal with material scarcity.
Design creatives can effectively contribute to companies that aim to develop social business at large scale. How ProPortion achieves that: ProPortion supports companies in realizing social business that serves low-income consumer groups in developing economies, on a large scale. What ProPortion offers: The team of design creatives offers support in 1 – Quick scan & brainstorm: with client, design-thinkers and Professional Passionates active in related context 2 – Local deepunderstanding:community survey and focus groups 3 – Stakeholder involvement: workshops with stakeholders with shared community-driven purpose 4 – Value proposition design: concept creation where desired product and service elements are combined into one feasible solution 5 – Route to Market modelling: design partnerships to operationalise the solution in a financially viable way 6 – Embedding: design of workshops and communiqué to further embed the solution into the organisation

Over ProPortion

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Social business development for corporates active in developing economies

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