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Electronics & Telematics bv

Over Electronics & Telematics bv

Electronics & Telematics bv acts as a Vallue Added Distributor for tele- and datacom infrastructure, security and energysaving management systems and as well high tech connectivity solutions for the OEM and electronics industry.

Electronics & Telematics bv will support in a pro-active way the reduction of waste by it's own MVO policy.

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Over Electronics & Telematics bv

Type organisatie:
Midden- en kleinbedrijf
Aantal medewerkers:
11 t/m 100

MVO activiteiten

E&T has described it's MVO policy in it General code of conduct and rules of general business. The purpose of this code of conduct is to be aware of limited natural resources, to reduce waste of those resources, to limit useless energy consumption and to behave in a human friendly way towards employees, customers and supplying partners.Secondly, in the code of conduct all guidelines have been described how E&T acts in order to improve the life of flora and fauna in the world.

Resultaten MVO MAPS

Dit bedrijf heeft MVO MAPS nog niet ingevuld.